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Charity concerts: sharing joy

Uncertain times require creative ideas!

Since the 15th of December 2020 Svenja Gabler sings a colorful opera and operetta program in front of retirement homes in Karlsruhe and the surrounding area.

Through her concerts she would like to reach the people who, especially during the pandemic, need a lot of joy and care. For residents and employees of senior citizens' facilities alike, music simply hits the heart. The best thing about this project is, that the joy that is shared comes back a thousand times over!

With this concert series, she put the residents and their professional group, in particular the care takers, home managers and social workers, in the spotlight. At the open-air opera, all those who are out of sight, come together. The support and appreciation from the state is poor which is why Svenja wants to share her talent with those in isolation and to raise awareness.

The press was very interested in this initiative and Svenja has been interviewed by the Badische Neueste Nachrichten, on National Radio SWR2 and Junger Kulturkanal and she has been filmed for a news item on National Television.

60 min
German, English, Dutch




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